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Dan Wolf

Dewar Sloan Consulting
President and CEO
Dan Wolf leads Dewar Sloan, a consulting practice, that works with executives, boards and strategic teams as they drive growth, performance and change. His “dual-dynamic” focus on near-term and long-term value is based on decades of research, thought leadership and experience in many different sectors. A 19-year employee at Dewar Sloan, he helps organizations focus on results.

Dan is the author of Strategic Teams and Development [published in 2019] along with two other books on strategy direction, integration and execution for management and governance readers. Much of his practice deals with preparing organizations to evolve, engaging their readiness and resolve to perform and adapt to changing technical, market and economic conditions.

Dan is a two-time graduate of Michigan State University, obtaining his bachelor's degree in marketing and transportation while earning his MBA in business development focus.

Presenter of "Enhancing the CEO/Board Partnership to Meet Health Center Demands" during Breakout Session B2 on Monday, Sept. 27